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The Ferrari 458 Speciale takes what is already one of the most extreme road cars you can buy and pushes it to the next level. In the spirit of the 360 Challenge Stradale & the 430 Scuderia, the Speciale takes the 458 into a new, more focused territory.

The 4.5 Litre V8 produces 597hp at 9000RPM, that’s 135hp per litre which is a world record for a naturally aspirated engine and is 35hp more than the standard car. This extra power is pushing 90kg less than the standard car thanks to carbon fibre underbody, thinner glass for the windows, Lexan engine cover, lighter ceramic brakes, forged alloy wheels and a minimalist interior.

With a new Side Slip angle Control system, drivers of all skill levels can explore the depths of the Speciale’s ability with as little electronic intervention as possible but with a degree of assistance should the driver get over confident with their abilities.

The Speciale can lap the Ferrari Fiorano Test Track in 1min 23.5 secs which is 1.5 secs quicker than the standard car, 0.5 sec quicker than the Ferrari 599 GTO and only 0.5 secs behind the F12 Berlietta. Also at 1.33G, Ferrari is claiming the highest lateral acceleration of any of its road cars.


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