Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Toroto Motorexpo Date
22 - 26 June 2015
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The Bentley Continental GT V8 S was built with the intent of making a statement. Even before the engine first ignites, onlookers are drawn toward the car’s aggressive stance and strong exterior body styling. The exclusive open-spoke 20” wheels and Beluga gloss lower body profiling complete an already iconic Bentley look. Even when the car is still, the free flowing lines of the Continental GT V8 S create the impression of powerful movement. The thunderous 4.0L engine boasts 521bhp, 502lb-ft of torque, a max speed of 192mph and an exhaust note like no other. The interior of the new Continental GT V8 S incorporates a selection of some of the finest leather hides to create an enticing blend of comfort and timeless sophistication. All Continental GT V8 S veneers are cured for 72 hours and hand-finished to preserve the natural beauty of the wood and achieve a new standard of interior luxury.


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